From Whitney, Owner & Designer, Bel Kai Designs ::

It’s hard to remember when my love of jewelry began.  I do know that the reason my favorite ensemble has always been {and I’m fairly certain will always be} a crisp white top and a pair of great-fitting jeans is due to my love for jewelry.  I love to accessorize – especially with color - and dressing simply always seemed like the easiest way for me to experiment with all different styles of jewelry.  Another clear memory is my desire to create & own a business.  As a teen, my dream was to own a little boutique in Paris – full of fabulous finds & treasures – and live in an apartment above.  I've moved in a different direction...two moves across the country, 7 years of designing & making jewelry and the birth of my two sons, I became inspired to make my dream a reality — and I started Bel Kai Designs in the Spring of 2007.

Since opening the online shop, we have had the joy of collaborating with talented artists and skilled photographers to create beautiful pieces of jewelry.  Many of the designs have been inspired by you, our customers…from your creative ideas.  We love it & are so appreciative of the opportunity to play a part in making a special piece of jewelry that will be a lasting keepsake in your family’s story.

Stop by the blog for a little more about us.  We are so happy to have you here!

- Whitney

A little about the name...Bel Kai Designs ::  ‘Bel’ means beautiful.  ‘Kai’ means ocean – the beach is just about my favorite place to be and Kai is also my first sons’ middle name.  I thought it had a nice ring to it!